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Email designed for today’s teams

Inbox and All

  • Digests

    Receive your email in three batches each day – at times you choose.

  • Priority

    Important contacts and conversations skip digests, so you won’t miss anything critical.

  • Notifications

    Get pushed updates for the few things that can’t wait.

  • Later

    Schedule conversations and to-dos to return to your inbox at a later date.

  • To-dos

    Keep your to-dos in your inbox – without emailing yourself.

  • Drafts

    Drafts live in the inbox, like the rest of your to-dos.

  • Stacks

    Separate your internal and external email into two inboxes.

  • New sender approval

    Block or mute new automated senders.

  • Bulk actions

    Take action on multiple emails at once.

  • Search

    Quickly find things with fast search and advanced filters.

Read and Send

  • Reactions

    React to specific parts of a message. Say what would otherwise be left unsaid.

  • Comments

    Comment on specific parts of a message. It's lightweight and in context.

  • Presence

    See when teammates are also viewing the conversation.

  • Tidy conversations

    Conversations involving different groups of people are neatly split apart.

  • Related conversations

    Find all the conversations that originate from the same message.

  • Focused reading

    Consistently formatted messages allow you to focus on what’s being said.

  • Side-by-side reply

    Easily reference the whole conversation while replying.

  • Draft lock

    Lock your important drafts to prevent accidental sends.

  • Emoji insertion

    Search and add emojis inline. :raised_hands:

  • Inline additions

    Edit message recipients while writing a reply. E.g., +Stephen, what do you think?

  • Send later

    Schedule messages to send when the time is right.

  • Undo send

    Catch any mistakes by stopping the email delivery after send.

  • Read receipt blocking

    Read in private. Read receipts are detected and removed from incoming emails.


  • Transparent email

    Use Groups to make most email in your company public, so everyone has context.

  • Cross-team search

    Search for and access all email shared with a group.

  • Company browse

    Browse groups across the entire company and see what teams are up to.

  • Linkable emails

    Link emails from groups. No need to forward separate emails.

  • Shared history

    See old conversations even when you're brand new to the team.

  • Pinning

    Easily reference pinned items in groups, so everyone on the team knows what’s most important.

  • Create

    Create groups whenever you need them. No need to get permission from IT.

  • Add anyone

    Add anyone in your company to a Consider group, including non-Consider users.

  • Join / leave

    Join or leave a group whenever you want.

  • Favorite

    Regularly check on your favorite groups by adding them to the navigation.

  • One inbox

    Work from one place. Again, this is just email, just one to-do list. Not another place to check.

  • G Suite integration

    Sync your company's Google Groups with Consider Groups.


  • Security

    With strong internal controls, routine audits, and industry best practices, protecting your data is our top priority.

  • Support

    Get help via phone, chat, email, or with our self-serve help center.

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