Email, for startups.

A new email client, designed to enable focus and flow.

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Web, Mac, iOS, Android.

Connect any existing Gmail account.

Designed from the ground up.

Email was first conceived in the 1970s. It’s about time we updated it for today.

For individuals
and teams.

Get started with just yourself. Bring the whole team and get even more value with Groups – Slack channels for email.

Three principles

First Principle

Email is social.

We’re all human. Email should help us understand and be understood.

  • Groups


    It’s like Slack channels but for email.

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    UI illustration for the Groups feature
  • Tidy conversations

    Hard-to-follow conversations involving different groups of people are neatly split apart.

    UI illustration for the Tidy conversations feature
  • Focused reading

    Consistently formatted emails let you focus on what’s being said.

    UI illustration for the Focused reading feature

Second Principle

Email runs on your schedule.

This isn’t chat. Stay focused on your most important work. Check email when it suits you.

  • Digests

    Receive your email in three batches each day – at times you choose.

    UI illustration for the Digests feature
  • Priority

    Your most important contacts skip digests, ensuring you won't miss anything critical.

    UI illustration for the Priority feature
  • Notifications

    You don’t even need to check email. Get pushed updates for the few things that can’t wait.

    UI illustration for the Notifications feature

Third Principle

Your inbox is a to-do list.

It’s just a fact. We give you the tools to actually use it like one.

  • To-dos

    Keep your own to-dos in your inbox – without emailing yourself.

    UI illustration for the To-dos feature
  • Stacks

    Separate your internal and external email into two inboxes.

    UI illustration for the Stacks feature
  • New sender approval

    Block or mute new automated senders. It’s not their inbox.

    UI illustration for the New sender approval feature

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