Email 2.0 for work.

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Email 2.0 is…

  • 1.

    Organized by team and project. Like a wiki but up-to-date.

  • 2.

    Lightweight, easy, and fun. Your team will want to use it.

  • 3.
    Still email

    Not another tool. You already know how to use it.

1. Manageable


What if everyone could access the emails they needed? Enter Groups.

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  • Company browse

    Browse groups across the entire company and see what teams are up to.

    UI illustration for the Company browse feature
  • Pinning

    Easily reference pinned items in groups, so everyone on the team knows what’s most important.

    UI illustration for the Pinning feature
  • Linkable emails

    Link public emails from groups. No need to forward separate emails.

    UI illustration for the Linkable emails feature

2. Collaborative


Email brought to life for the first time since 1971 — it’s fun, engaging, and easy.

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  • Reactions


    Say what would otherwise be left unsaid.

    UI illustration for the Reactions feature
  • Comments


    Comment on specific parts of an email. It’s lightweight and in context.

    UI illustration for the Comments feature
  • Presence


    See when teammates are also viewing the conversation.

    UI illustration for the Presence feature

3. Still email

Email client

You're already using it but it's time for an upgrade. Your team will thank you.

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  • Connects to Gmail

    Sync all your existing work email from unlimited Gmail accounts.

    UI illustration for the Connects to Gmail feature
  • Cross platform

    Consider is built for Web, Mac, iOS, and Android.

    UI illustration for the Cross platform feature
  • All the basics

    Everything you need and expect in an email client.

    UI illustration for the All the basics feature

What people are saying

Opinions are in.

I did an experiment this week where I went back to native Gmail to see what I missed about Consider and vice versa. After doing that, I'm going to continue using Consider.

Josh Todd
Principle Product Manager, TUNE

I've been using Consider for both my work and personal email, and really enjoy it. It's a beautifully crafted app with features like digests and priorities that make conversations easier to follow.

Berk Cebi
Co-founder, Zeplin

Consider has made my email inbox calm, concise and predictable. It allows me to see communication I need, while focusing on what's important throughout the day.

Sean Donovan
Co-founder, Journeymen

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